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AVAILABLE Monday through Friday: 11 AM - 7 PM ~~ BY APPOINTMENT ONLY $130/hour // $190/1.5 hours.
Additional charge for long distances, please call.

CALL 1(925) 705-1805.


Christine Estella Stephens, CMT

Master Massage Therapist serving Bay Area for over 30 years;
practicing the Holistic Approach of incorporating Eastern and Western Techniques
for Optimal Health and Wellness. Specializing in achieving the results needed for
Stress Reduction, Disability and Pain Management.
“Christine gave me one of the most wonderful massages I have ever received.” –
Dean Ornish, M.D., Best selling author of “Reversing Heart Disease” & “Eat More,
Weigh Less”

“There are not adequate words to describe the way I feel about your integrating
work of mind, body, and spirit. Each time you work on me it is a new alignment
and a new l whole once again and hold that feeling and form for days and days. You
interrupt my pain cycle and set me free to choose my path.” – C. Seizler

“Now THAT was the best massage of my life.” – T. Bigelow

My father is a 74 y/o disabled veteran with chronic back pain. He has been looking for a good massage therapist after his previous retired due to arthritis. He was told about a wonderful local Antioch massage therapist, but when he called Kristine at Magical Moments he was told she "does not do men". I see several reviews here by men, and there is a man in the advertisement pic. It was a man who told my father to call. It is a shame because my father has been in much pain and needs someone experienced, which Kristine appears to be. ... See MoreSee Less

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Discovering Heaven on Earth, Magical Moments of Massage - Christine Stephens - 25 years of Advance Bodywork/Massage Therapy. Summer Special is Here! FREE Reflexology foot massage when you book in for an hour or more. First "10" likes! ... See MoreSee Less

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Now THAT was the best massage of my life. Thanks for starting my day on a positive note Christine!
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